Rippling Roots: Cultivating Across Water and Land 

Rippling Roots is a project that explores the connection between my Asian identity and ecology through bamboo and Xuan paper installation. My ancestors lived by the Yangtze River, cultivating land, fostering grass, and weaving mats for a living. Making and using natural materials for everyday objects was our regional wisdom, representing a sustainable relationship with nature.

Xuan paper is a type of paper made by pulping and pressing plant fibres through a time-consuming process. Bamboo is an essential resource in the Sichuan and Chongqing regions due to its rapid growth, making it an excellent alternative to deforestation. I combine these two materials by tying and pasting them together, creating a physical and metaphorical space where lands and memories converge. I aim to illustrate the ongoing dialogue between the past and present, the local and the global, and to express my thoughts on how capitalist agriculture is destroying the original ecology of the land.

Rippling Roots, 2023, Installation, 70” x 38” x 70″ in Video, Various Dimensions